Livre d’or

Jane Cross, April/May 2015

The RH1 Hi Catherine.

Here is a note of how I felt during and after the healing.

Today I had my first experience of Reconnection healing. (28 April 2014)
It was an incredibly positive enjoyable experience.
I was convinced the healer must have had a heat and light instrument and when she said it was only her hands I was amazed.
The light was blinding even with my eyes shut and the heat was strong. Tears squeezed out of my eyes.
My right ear popped.
I had pain in my right temple.
Across the top of my chest and shoulders I felt as though a heavy weight was pressing me down.
My throat felt tight.
Suddenly I saw – with my eyes still closed – hundreds of butterflies fluttering around me and I was singing Ave Maria to myself. I climbed stairs up to a bright light which was like being in the presence of God in Heaven. I heard happy music in my head . I began to relax and felt as though my body had no bones. Underneath my heart on the left of my body it felt very strongly as though something was being pulled out from inside me. It was not uncomfortable but it was strong and lasted quite a while. Afterwards I felt totally « zonked » and as though I had been drugged. I felt nothing mattered and I had no anxiety or worries and the material things had no value. Back at home I felt a bit nauseous – this lasted quite a few hours.
For the following many hours I felt completely relaxed I slept well for the first time in almost two years I was not crying when I woke up.
I feel a little bit wobbly but do not feel so anxious.

I am looking forward to my second treatment.


Bonjour Catherine

This morning is the first morning for nearly two years that I did not wake up crying. I still have a nervous wobbly tummy – I always have that but it is not so bad today. I slept well
I hope they take the tracteur today – I will let you know. You might see them around 10 o’clock. The two men left at 8 this morning.
Can I book my second treatment please. – I guess they should be close together perhaps Love to start your day.

The RH 2 from jane Cros the 2 nf of MAy
I had my second Reconnextion today

I did not see the bright light as I did last time nor feel the searing heat over my head and eyes.
I remembered being born. My sister, now deceased and three years my senior, was very close to my mother because my father was in the Navy and away from home a lot. So my mother and sister did everything together 24/7. When my sister saw me newly born in my not her’s arms she screamed « get that baby out of my mother’s bed »! So I was taken away from my mother. Psychiatrists would now recognise this start on my life caused my negativity, insecurity and fears which have haunted me all my life. I am now 77 and trying to come to terms with things. I wonder why this thought came to me during my healing today. Also my hands became weightless and wanted to float.
My knees felt very warm but not exactly hot.
Hello my dear friend
Yes it is AMAZING and incredible.
If I didn’t experience it then I would never believe it!
What a mess I was in and so much in need of your need.
I felt like a pupa in a chrysalis and warm and tired.